About Us

Who We Are

In the late 1800’s the Great-Grandfather of the current owners of Genfor immigrated from Sweden and settled in the booming iron mining range of Northern Minnesota. Anders Bystrom, plying his metal working skills opened a ‘Black Smith Shop” where he serviced not only the iron mines needs but those of the residents as well.

His son, Mikeal Sr. honed his skills in the automatic screw machine trade in some of Minneapolis’ early production machining houses, and during WWII he perfected those skills while working at the local US Arsenal. After the War, himself and his two brothers opened their own automatic screw machine facility and serviced many of the new business ventures started after the War was over.

In 1970, Mikeal Sr.’s son, Mikeal Jr., joined his father’s business after spending many summers working on the shop floor. The business grew into one of the largest screw machine facilities in North America, while cultivating many long term relationships with Fortune 500 companies. By employing superior quality systems and learning how to control costs, they found themselves with over 200 work centers in operation every day.

In 1998 Mikeal Jr. saw that the industry was going  to go through a radical change as the digital age of CNC motion control was certainly going to obsolete the old cam and gear driven process. Seeing those changes coming, he opened a new facility servicing the same needs but dedicated to employing this new and exciting technology.

Today, the fourth generation of Adam and Noah Bystrom carry on these traditions and continue to push the bounds of modern machined components technology.


The manufacture of high quality precision machined components, and the offering of exemplary service and support to its customer, shall be the primary mission of Genfor Precision Components.

By the use of the latest technology and quality assurance systems, Genfor Precision Components shall furnish its customers the highest standards of product that not only meet, but exceed, customer requirements and expectations.

Genfor Precision Components shall develop and cultivate long term customer-supplier relationships by offering unparalleled delivery performance, strong technical assistance, ongoing value analysis, and other valued services to support its customer’s goals.

The fulfillment of this mission shall be characterized by a commitment to total quality, dedication to exemplary performance, and a resolve to conducting all business activities to the principles of honor and integrity.